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An elderly lady sits on her sofa in a small flat by the sea. Her bedroom is furnished in yellow birdseye mahogany so popular between the wars. The spirit of this room felt  very strong, Sometimes I sensed that the wall behind her bed has become transparent and I could just make out figures and traces of voices from her past.A BEDROOMA BEDROOM

I noticed an old album its thick pages have openings that look like picture frames in which a few more photographs are inserted,  but most of the album is empty and its apertures look like blank empty faces.


On a shelf I found what looks like an old chocolate box decorated with a picture of Rembrands Polish Rider and bound with a piece of string. It barely holds the contents which stick out from the sides . There are photos of  of friends, formal pictures of a factory outing where the faces shine with happiness, a few documents, a picture of a couple holding hands found  inside the folds of a letter. I realised that few of these people would live a full and happy life. They did not know their future. 




In order to re-create something of her life I decided that collage was the best way forward. The process was about cutting and pasting images but this has now been transformed bt digital technology. No one can recreate the beauty of Picasso's collages or those of Hanna Hoch or Kurt Schwitters but I felt it might be possible to convey a story, feelings and a sense of the time that these events took place.

Not long ago this lady with her strong foreign accent passed away. She left behind traces of a terrible period in the history of mankind in which demonstrated the almost godlike achievements of mankind  but also the depths of absolute depravity. I decided to look at brain scans and the sky above us but I could not find the answers.